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A Great Dane named "Quack"

What a good boy!

A Great Dane named "Quack"

Three is a Magic Number

April 26th, 2018 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

Quack has had chemo twice now. He just had blood work today two weeks after his second round of chemo. He gets blood work every week now.  His blood values were all right in the middle of the normal range. After the vet we went and picked up my husband and took a short walk on Binghamton University’s campus (that’s where my husband and I work). I ran into a couple of my students and they were delighted to see Quack. It was a good day, good news from the vet, fun on campus and Quack has been

Quack visits campus to pick up my husband Andy.

happy as can be. However, in the back of my mind there is always a bit of worry lurking there. Next week at Quack’s chemo appointment he also gets imaging to see if he has mets in his lungs. If he does he doesn’t get to be in the immunotherapy clinical trial anymore. He’ll never even get a chance at it. Both Andy and I thought he got immunotherapy once he was approved but apparently if a dog show mets they are out. Now of course I’m terrified he’s going to have mets. That’s how I roll from one imagined crisis to the next. When we came out from the vet today I was thinking I wish there would be some kind of sign that he’s going to get to do the immunotherapy that he is going to be okay.  Well, Blind Mellon came on the radio singing Schoolhouse Rock’s “Three is the Magic Number”. I’m taking that as the sign that he’s going to be okay. I’m posting the link for it if you want to hear it.


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