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A Great Dane named "Quack"

What a good boy!

A Great Dane named "Quack"

We are two weeks post immunotherapy

June 28th, 2018 · 11 Comments · Uncategorized

Quack finished his immunotherapy June 14th. He received ADXS31-164 three times. One dose every three week since the beginning of May. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t terrible. Quack had to be at Cornell at 7:30 am each time and then the immunotherapy made him a little nauseous and he’d run a low fever. He’d have meds for the nausea and IV fluids for the fever. He’d spend the night at Cornell and they would monitor him very closely. We’d pick him up the next day and he’d be more than a bit tired. His oncologist and the students and techs and other staff there have been so kind to him. They would always call and email with updates while he is there. You can tell everyone loves him. When we went in each time folks would all call out “Quack!” It reminded me of Norm on Cheers. When Quack goes I pack a bag for him with his food and his blanket and a toy for him to hold. We joke around that he’s just going to sleep over camp. I sent a detailed list of “Quack Facts” to for them:

He’s not crate trained (sorry, he really stressed out in the crate when he was a puppy).
He does not like children, horses, cows, or people in hats and he especially hates UPS uniforms.
He’s not used to being alone. He sleeps with humans in a human bed that he takes up most of.
He’s only ever been away from home 2 times before this when he was neutered and when he had his leg amputated.
He likes to sleep completely under a blanket (especially his head). It turns him off like a parakeet. If he gets sad cover him all the way up.
He has a thing for licking the inside of people’s ears.
He only knows three commands: “sit” “down” and “back-up” If you tell him to sit he will usually try to sit in someone lap.
He’s named “Quack” because our first dog was named “Quinn” and our second dog was named “Jack” and my daughter thought it was funny to combine them and call him Quack.
He likes to put the top of his head against a person which is how he hugs you. (This is his highest honor.)
He is by nature pretty mellow and he sleeps a lot and always has.
He does not like dogs who have pointy ears (Huskies, German Shepherds etc.) but strangely he adores Corgis.

Today he had imaging to see what was up with the met(s) in his lung. Today we found out that he has only one met in his lung but it is four times as big as it was before he started immunotherapy. The increase in size may mean that it is growing or it may mean there is inflammation and his body is fighting it. The x-ray can’t tell what type of cells are there. The good thing is he doesn’t have more mets in his lungs. The bad thing is we don’t really know what the larger met means. So that’s where we are. If he is alive in 2 months we go back for more imaging. I’m hoping that his body is fighting the cancer like crazy.


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  • paws120

    I hope he is fighting it too!! Quack, you handsome dog.. I just love his beautiful face.
    How has he been at home in between his visits?
    I am glad there are no additional mets.
    He is such a good boy, his list of likes and dislikes made me smile 🙂
    It sounds like he is treated very well at the hospital, that has got to be a big relief for you.
    Hugs to all, keeping fingers, toes, and paws all crossed for you!

    • annfelter


      yeah he’s been home between visits and going strong. We have a 30 acre farm and we have been going on a good number of walks. On walks he:

      almost always finds something horrible to roll in


      finds some horrible deceased animal to carry around.

      so its been all systems go at home.

      thanks so much for your kind support!

    • annfelter

      He’s been really good between visits. He is completely his usual get-into-trouble self. thanks for your keeping paws crossed for him!

  • dawn3g

    I love the care they provide at Cornell. When I was just out of college they took excellent care of a lab I had, Kirby.

    Quack always makes me smile. He is so handsome!! We’re sending positive energy and hoping for good news on the larger met.

  • Kerry and Dane Auggie

    Awww, thanks for sharing about Quack! We are pulling for him so hope he continues to improve. I absolutely love the “Quack List” and had to read it to my husband because it so absolutely captures the wonderful quirks that make Danes the best! He looks so much like our first Dane, tripawd Lily. She absolutely loved to be covered up with blankets, took up the whole bed, and was such a love. Lily taught us that it’s not home without a Dane so we adopted Auggie from a rescue a year after we lost Lily to osteosarcoma. Auggie doesn’t like people hats or umbrellas, kids, German Shepherds (he doesn’t like any dogs that like to be bossy). Hugs to Quack from a fellow Dane with lots of “opinions” 🙂

    • annfelter

      He is our first Dane and I just love his personality. I’d love to see a picture of Lily sometime.

  • benny55

    Oh Quack, I thoroughly enjoyed gettinf to know you even better through this ppst! We already kmow yoj are a Warrior RockStar! Now we knowmyou are an ear locking, cow hating, blanket hog!! And we adore you for it!!

    And btw, that picture of yoj getting ready to savor your cookie has me grinning ear to ear!😁

    I think Quack’s update is actually pretty darn good! There are NO additional ,ets (great news) amd it’s unclear if the one has grown or not. Seems to me the very fact that it’s not a definite growth is good news!

    The best news is Quack is being Quack and thoroughly enjoying s4inky carcass rolls! I love that these poor deceased ceitters are his favorite “toys” ro carry around!😁

    Looking forward to more posts, ESPECIALLY with pictures!😎

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • annfelter

      Thanks so much for the positive encouragement. Its too easy for me to just see the negative. Hugs back to you all!

  • tlahaye

    Congrats Quack, upon completing the immunotherapy. Here’s hoping it helps you to kick ass.

    FWIW, I’m becoming a fan of mushroom therapy also for strengthening the immune system, and all of my guys are now taking Turkey Tail powder along with K9 Immunity Plus. We’ve also put Casey back on his simple metronomic therapy of Cytoxan, Rimadyl, and fish oil. We’ll probably get him X-rays this week.

    As you see around here, worst case, mets just mean you have to get your dog on, and keep being Quack. Good boy Quack.

  • jerry

    Fight on fearless Quack! Squash that one met and send it to outer space!

    Seriously though, you have every advantage that will help you fight the cancer and keep on lovin’ life. And that pawesome attitude you all have is priceless. Keep it up and keep on truckin’.

    We are sending lots of love your way.

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